US Baseball Club, Inc.

Better Mechanics Through Science

The US Baseball Club is an instructional club that combines state-of-the-art technology with video analysis to develop better ball players.  The technology used by the Club creates statistical data that allows players to easily measure their progress.  The hitting and pitching mechanics taught by the Club are proven by technology to be the most effective available.  We have developed 31 college ball players in the past 5 years and have 12-year-old students doing things with a bat that 90% of major league players cannot do!  Check out our video discussing the 4 Myths of a Swing!

The first lesson is FREE and lessons are provided in-person or LIVE ONLINE.

We offer a scholarship program for disadvantaged young men.

Every lesson involves the use of various technologies and slow-motion video analysis.

Fee Schedule:

Major League players                           $250 per 90-minute session

College / Minor League players          $150 per 90-minute session

10-18U players                                       $175 per month for unlimited private instruction


Meet the Founder

Gene Frost

Coach Frost founded the US Baseball Club in 2009 in Brentwood, Tennessee.  He pitched in the Little League World Series two consecutive years then quit the game of baseball due to a coach.  He started playing tennis shortly thereafter and went on to play college tennis, coach college tennis and play tennis at the national level for six years.  When his oldest son started playing baseball in the Spring of 2000, Coach Frost got back on the baseball field and hasn't left since.   

In the corporate world, Coach Frost has developed over 30 inventions and has launched 12 companies since 2004.  After moving from baseball to tennis then back to baseball, Coach Frost began to wonder why baseball players step or stride in their swing when no tennis player, golfer or boxer steps or strides in their swing.  And if you think about it, all of these athletes use a rotational swing.  His ongoing desire to understand this led him to develop a patentable swing called The Double Fulcrum Swing.  Technology proves this swing is the quickest, most powerful way to swing a bat!  

Coach Frost has served as a team coach since 2001 coaching over 500 ball games from 8U to 18U.  He has served as a private instructor since 2012 and has logged over 4,000 hours of private hitting and pitching instruction since 2015.  The Club has developed over 30 college ball players and is very grateful for the relationships built with college coaches. 

The US Baseball Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization.